If you follow me on Twitter, then this post will not be news to you (sorry about that, maybe click over to CNN? I hear they’ve got news for days over there).

For those of you don’t follow me on Twitter  or who spent your weekend doing something other than reading a Twitter feed: First of all, I commend you. And second of all, I need to explain to you that over the weekend something happened to me. For reasons I may never understand, my brain zeroed in on Bowser, the Nintendo villain, and I decided to tweet about him almost exclusively for the foreseeable future.

Here are some highlights:

There were more, but I think you pretty much get the gist. I thought I’d share the tweets here on the off chance that you might appreciate them.

If you don’t appreciate it, you’re not alone. Something like ten people unfollowed me during this Bowser-fueled delirium. That didn’t bother me, though, because it’s only Twitter.


(new drawings coming later this week. I know this doesn’t count as a for real post.)

(p.s. so we’re clear: I didn’t draw Bowser, because I wanted to use the most Nintendo-y version of him to get my point across. I’m not trying to pass off the work of Nintendo as my own. I’m only responsible for the drawing one of the left. You know. The stick figure.)


19 Responses to in which Bowser holds my Twitter account hostage

  1. Chooplah says:

    Guess who is about to follow you on twitter? Not Bowser, me.

  2. Mayor Gia says:

    Hahhaha please, these tweets are hilarious. I want Bowser to cancel my entire Monday with fire.

  3. alicejo says:

    Bowser made my whole weekend, but failed to cancel my meetings as promised. People’s reptile, my ass.

  4. If I didn’t already follow you on twitter, I’m sure as hell gonna do it now!

  5. red says:

    Old school Nintendo. Rock on!

    …that’s like an O.D. on Bowser, btw.

  6. Holly Folly says:

    Bowser. He haunts twitter. Flitting his giant bulk between the feeds watching the endless short snippets of conversation. Watching. Always watching.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I saw about half of these because I suck at Twitter, and I found them hi-larious.

  8. I loved your Bowser tweets. Sometimes I imagined you were talking about the guy from Sha Na Na depending on my mood. Although he spells his name with a ‘z.’

  9. Jaime says:

    I thought your bowser tweets were hilarious…. keep it up.

  10. Jay says:

    You know who’s about to follow you on Twitter because you’re awesome? Not Bowser, me.

  11. Amy says:

    Yeah I totally thought it was the guy from sha na ha. (showing age)

  12. Jaclyn says:

    That was amazing. Did people really unfollow you for that? Because it makes me want to carry Bowser’s baby, which we would then raise together in a polygamous human/dinosaur(dragon?)/human trifecta of love and fire.

  13. I wish I could hire Bowser to come and shoot flames at people who piss me off. Can you put in a word for me?

  14. Suniverse says:

    O.k., Super Mario Brothers is one of the only video games I can/will play [the others being Secret Agent Barbie and Kim Possible], and I had no idea that guy’s name was Bowser. I think it may be because I only play the game with the volume off. Or whatever.


  15. Arieloser says:

    I have to confess:

    I was following all your bowser posts… They pretty much MADE my weekend. I was going to re-twat (retweet? Whatever.) but then I felt like a creeper.

    GOSH, That’s a load off my chest.

  16. tracey says:

    I can honestly say that I have not played a Mario game in at least 20 years. I feel as though I am either missing out on an important social connection or that I have escaped a seriously sticky situation (ie potential addiction)

  17. Had a lot of time huh? Some of these were really funny though. Bowser is awesome anyway so it’s totally justified.

  18. Kim says:

    OMG… perfection! I LOVE when I find new blogs to love!!!

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