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  1. Sharron says:

    Love this, funny because it is true. I upgraded to a mid thirties version, it is nowhere near as fun and comes with failing eyesight and a spare Tyre from all the wine and cheese mid 20’s me consumed

  2. Mayor Gia says:

    Hahahahha yeah, I was definitely not ready for anything after the 20s one. The kid one looks most fun. I’d like that one, please.

  3. leigh says:



    too true my friend. too true.

  4. It’s a vortex. I’ve been playing with the college edition for the last 20 years. But I have a pet.

  5. […] you ever wanted to be an action figure? Well, these realistic mock-ups by This is Not That Blog give you some insight into what you might look like in plastic […]

  6. red says:

    So funny. I wasn’t a burrito person as much as a pizza person…and I’ve NEVER outgrown it. True. I’m not eligible to become an adult. I’ll take my unicorn with pride!

  7. If I had this when I was a teenager, I wouldn’t have felt so self-conscience playing with myself.

    This is great.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yay, I want a rainbow unicorn!

  9. Rosalie says:

    Lol I love how you figure out life. Awesome post.

  10. Amy says:

    Do you happen to know where I can return this early forties edition? It isn’t working for me.

  11. Emma says:

    My Teenage one would of come with the ability to be socially awkward at all times!!

  12. erica says:

    This is perfect. I think I’m just going to leave my 20’s edition in the box. I don’t want to wear it out since there won’t be a new figure.

  13. Scott says:

    Too funny as always! I love that Child You best friend is based on proximity. its like the WiFi of friends.

    I think you could easily do additional accessories like bikes and cars and of course, child would have the tricycle, teen would have rusty bmx or boardwalk bike, college would have nothing, 20s would have AMC Hornet or Pinto, if you go 30s (minivan), 40s (old minivan), 50s (crisis convertible) those would change where 60s you would have optional Rascal Scooter!

    Anyway, love the idea, hope you’ll do a sequel.


  14. Anonymous says:

    You are so awesomely funny (and wise…perhaps you will someday be eligible for Old Wise Person You, as opposed to my Old Person You which will offer 23 cats as accessories).

  15. At least 20s you can ride around on the unicorn until the unicorn gets to embarrassed to be seen with you and intentionally gets too close to a radiator.

  16. Jaime says:

    I’m definitely not ready for adulthood… especially when the word poop still makes me giggle incessantly.

  17. I feel perpetually stuck with my mid-20s action figure. Is there one for 30s? Not adulthood, just, you know, the 30s. I’d be interested in that one. Mid-20’s has suffered serious wear and tear.

  18. Renee says:

    I want a fucking Rainbow Unicorn!!!!

  19. tinafreysd says:

    This is what will make the figure a worthwhile collectible or not. The back of the packaging that’s directly behind the action figure, the backing card, should still have bright colors that haven’t faded and shouldn’t be creased in order to receive a high grading.

  20. Jenny says:

    I just love the infographic so much! I can even relate from this post.. Anyway, thanks for the laugh here!

  21. I’m a hybrid of college me and mid-20s me. That’s incredibly depressing.

  22. Kriz says:

    So I will eventually become a unicorn? Cool!

  23. mark says:

    spot on! love it. I want the unicorn. now.

  24. Born27 says:

    You always amazed me of your illustrations Kendall.. You are right about the figures here, these are the true circle in life. Gadgets are the main obsession of all people nowadays.

  25. Heidi19 says:

    Awesome post! i love the idea and i want that rainbow unicorn too. Lol! Thanks for the laugh!

  26. Pish Posh says:

    I was gonna say. Definitely still stick in mid 20s a decade later 🙁 LOSERville: ME

  27. Oh, I miss childhood action figure. Juice boxes and free housing…oh how I miss that.

  28. emilda says:

    Your drawing skill is impressive. Combined with an imaginative mind and you get something amazing like this.

  29. Tans says:

    my 20s were awesome, but i didn’t have a unicorn. i think that if i’d have had my own unicorn, it would have made things so much better. i picked up a husband instead. while still fun to ride, he isn’t as colorful as a rainbow unicorn.

    now i feel as though i’ve been cheated. hrmph.

  30. I think you should make an adult version with the same computer you had in college, a couple of small kids that can clamp on tightly to the ankles of the action figure, a box of Unisom, and a worn out four-door sedan to ride around in.

  31. Kay says:

    Just when I though I was alone in my thinking that I would never reach “real adulthood”, you come in and hit the nail on the head. Feel SO MUCH better about my pathetic bank statement, my career in insurance, and more responsibility than I can handle.

    Thank you, and much love,

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