You may have noticed I don’t have an “About Me” section. (Or maybe you haven’t, because you don’t care.) The truth about the “About Me” section is that I have drafted a few, but they always seemed so dumb. I just couldn’t imagine what anyone would want to know about me. The drafts always went like: I’d try to be sincere; then I’d throw in some jokey stuff; and before too long, I’d hate myself pretty hard, junk the draft and go do something else.

So recently, I answered some questions on Twitter, and they might be as close to “About Me” as I ever get. I’m repost-ing the questions/answers here, in case they are of interest.

And that’s about the extent of it. It’s short and sweet, and still somehow probably more then you ever dreamed you wanted to know about me.

If I’ve somehow missed something, feel free to leave a question or two in the comment section. I’ll do my best to fill in the gaps.

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7 Responses to all the “about me” I can muster

  1. Taylor says:

    And yet, I love it! Except it makes me have more questions…

  2. Me too! What Taylor said! I have tons more questions. So glad you posted this ‘interview.’ If I’d had time to prepare (or more than 140 characters at my disposal), I would have peppered you with many more.
    Love it, though.
    xo Nicole

  3. Suniverse says:


    I need to know your shoe size.

  4. jillsmo says:

    So basically you’re crazy and you want to share it with the world.

    Well played.

  5. Goradde says:

    i heard Jesus died at 3pm.

  6. I wrote my own ‘about me’ page in the third person. Lot’s of people do this, but they pretend some cool-ass marketing whizz did it for them.

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