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18 Responses to what your pants say…

  1. DawnA says:

    I think I’ll now classify my weekends by what kind of pants I wear!

  2. Taylor Made says:

    But what happens if I wear supershort shorts? Does that mean that I’ll spend my day on my pink glitter phone talking about how Robbie totally didn’t even text me back within the five requisite seconds it takes to respond to a text message as important as, “Hey.” Does that mean that I’ll walk aimlessly around the mall and get in the way of the adults who are actually trying to shop for something specific and have real lives and shit to do?

    What happens if I wear NO garments of clothing for bottoms? (Actually, I know what happens. That just means I’m laying in bed all day and I have no care about personal hygiene.) (I mean, not me, because I would never do that.) (Except for last weekend.) And does it compound the issue if I still have a shirt on with no pants?

  3. Jaime says:

    haha.. what if you have a combination of stretchy waist and jeans? (not skinny jeans cuz those are the devil)

  4. My pants say I should have done laundry 5 days ago. 😉

  5. Scott says:

    What about sweatpants with pockets over a diaper? (was that too much sharing?)


  6. I’m either in the stretchy waist band or diaper category. Although sometimes i have to admit I don’t make full use of my pockets. Or use them effectively (I usually have ALL pockets full of tissues!)

  7. I guess wearing pants is a good place to start the weekend. Now I will choose appropriately.

  8. Suniverse says:

    Excellent. Now I know why I don’t wear skinny jeans – my ankles are not delicate.

  9. my jeans all have a little bit of elastic in them. As yo get past 45 you need a bit of padding!!

  10. natharn says:

    ha ha it’s very funny compare pants and money

  11. Amalia Hughes says:

    Now I am very picky for the next weekend in regards to my pants haha 😀

  12. mia says:

    And what about those white guru pants you wear without underwear when your laundry has piled up to the ceiling and your cleanest shirt is stained with spaghetti sauce but you need to have something on just in case someone knocks on your door? What do they say about your life that the laundry and spaghetti stains don’t say? Well to answer my own questions, if they could talk they would say, today I just don’t give a shit about anything so I’m going to lay around all day watching foreign movies while the laundry twirls and my ice cream swirls and my coffee cup fills to the moon! In other words, it’s Sunday afternoon!

  13. Red says:

    I was laughing at “stretchy waistband” – haha, those stretchy waistband people!
    …and then I realized I spend most of my weekend in sweats…watching bad movings and drinking bad drinks. Yep. Forgiveness indeed.

  14. Kathryn says:

    What about NO PANTS?? I’m not sure if that says that I haven’t done laundry in forever, or that I live like some kind of hussy. Now I’m worried about my pants-weekend situation. ((I love this blog))

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