I had some other drawings in mind for today, but they didn’t work out for various reasons. Most of those reasons land somewhere near: Things are going to get better but they haven’t yet.

I said “yes” to too much this week and I am nursing something of a relapse into sadness.

But I missed you. How are you?

I made you this list! (Yay?)

Here is how I am feeling at this very moment:

Here is what I did today:

Here is something my friend Kelly posted to her Tumblr account last week that I love:

And here is my favorite comic/cartoon ever. (You have maybe already seen it. It’s old. I watch it all the time. It’s good for you.) (That last link is probably NSFW, unless you have a door you can close; in which case: Look at you with your fancy door!)

18 Responses to hi. how are you?

  1. Pish Posh says:

    Sorry you’re feeling down, me too. It can be crippling.

    Especially when compiled the a lady business visit!

    Hope things feel a little better tomorrow.

    Thanks for giving us some funny stuff even though today sucked 🙂

  2. Miley C says:

    Liked the second picture, better words for describing this kind of appointment.
    I get from the first image that you feel alone, I feel the same recently, great way of getting it into art, while alone everyone is focused at you somehow.

  3. Yeah, I’ve got that weird, flat feeling that comes at the beginning of the year too. Oh, and a big pile of work that I ignored over Christmas. Because it was Christmas – and that sort of thing is allowed…

  4. Mayor Gia says:

    OOF. I am totally feeling like your first picture too today. Not fun. Hope all is well in the ladyparts areas.

  5. wasnt_serious says:

    Totally feeling like that first picture. I seriously just wanted to go to bed early yesterday for no reason, but the hubby wanted to go to a friend’s brewery anniversary party. So I had to go drink and eat delicious bar food.

  6. Sometimes I wonder since we are all “friends” on Twitter do our periods coincide like people that live together and are with each other all the time. Not that I am assuming this is hormonal but it just made me think and also I like writing blogs comments to be tangential and possibly even awkward…..

    I too am feeling the “sadness” lately. It sucks donkey dick, which as I have seen in those creepy stripper videos is really big and nasty so it sucks real bad.

    Hope you know that even though we aren’t close or really know each other really “in real life” I’m always here to listen if you need me and I think you are pretty bad ass if that means anything 🙂

  7. Suniverse says:

    Let’s just pretend there are no such things as bad things and see how that works out?

  8. Ughh….I have totally felt like that and in fact have made similar drawings. To add to your friend’s quote as it pertains to you, “May your lady bits be happy, healthy and cheeselss.”

  9. Alexis says:

    So…um…how are your lady parts doing? Everything good down there?

    Sorry to hear you are down. Tis the season. If you want to feel better you should come visit Vermont. Vermont has been a snow-free foggy crapstorm of bleak all winter long. Come visit here so that when you go back home it’ll seem like paradise.

    Hope things turn up soon.

  10. Red says:

    I’m with you in the eye of the storm.
    Sounds like a lot of us are there, so at least there’s company, but it begs the question: why am I faking a positive attitude for the sake of those around me when odds are they feel as crappy as I do?

    Love the picture and Edward Abbey quotation.

  11. WilyGuy says:

    Thankfully, I’ve got no “lady parts” but I do have all those “this isn’t weird while I grab you and you cough” parts or the “I’m not going to enjoy this any more than you do, but turn and bend” parts.

    If y’alls exam is anywhere near as fun as all that, my condolences.


  12. Stasha says:

    It must be this time of year. . . I am feeling the ‘sadness’ too.

    I thought 2012 was going to be different and so far? It has been the same, if not worse than, 2011.


  13. sheriji says:

    I’ve missed you. I’m glad you’re back. Don’t be sad. I was sad yesterday. And the day before. It goes away, usually, especially when you have other people who feel sad too or are sad with you and then neither one of you feel as sad anymore.

    I am, momentarily, even sadder because I don’t see a link to see your favorite comic/cartoon.


  14. sheriji says:

    Never mind; it showed up suddenly.

  15. Your first drawing makes me think of Mike Doughty’s song – Looking at the world from the bottom of a well. Maybe we can send some of our sunshine your way (really – sunshine in Vancouver in January – it’s rare like a Russian Unicorn).

  16. Laine says:

    Yeah, I ignored a bunch of work over Christmas and have taken on more, and now I’m in over my head and feeling sad too. Work is good though, right?! Right?! This too shall pass. *sigh*

  17. Sorry you’re feeling down. I suggest buying a bear suit, they make everything better. FOOSHAB! 🙂

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