I’m going to have to take the weekend to find or create a design that doesn’t shrink images and make me feel smad (see: sad and mad) inside, but I will be back. Oh, yes. I will be back.

And in the meantime…

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6 Responses to sadly, site AIDS persists

  1. And, with the triumphant return of “Fuck Your shit, I’m in a Bear Suit” illustration, my Friday is a little more complete.

  2. Luda says:

    I am wearing condoms on my fingers as I type this comment, just to be safe.

  3. jillsmo says:

    After Hyperbole and a Half, this is my favorite blog in the world

  4. jillsmo says:

    Wait. Maybe that should have been “my MOST favorite blog in the world.”

    Oh, hell. WHATEVER, grammar. 🙁

  5. Stasha says:

    If only bear suits could protect us from everything…


  6. And here I thought that I came up with the word smad. Stupid internet.

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