Remember that time I got myself into a mess without fully understanding what it would take to get myself out of said mess? (See: Every day of my life.)

It turns out that the only thing I can’t change is my feedburner name. I have to move my feedburner account here:

Here’s the good news: If you’ve been looking for an excuse to unsubscribe to my blog, YOUR DAY HAS FINALLY COME! I will miss you terribly, and I wish you could say the same about me.

More good news: All of my old posts have moved over to Old and new! Best ever!

The bad news? If you are a subscriber to the21stcenturymrs feedburner account, this is the last post you’ll see in your feed unless you re-subscribe here

I’m sorry to make you do anything (I know how much you hate clicking buttons), but I think, in the long run, this is best. I hope clicking the subscribe button won’t be too much for you to endure.

See you soon? Please?

End Update (Also End: Dramatic posts about changes. Seriously, I’m done now. Please don’t hate me.)


Begin original post (Also: Begin forgiving me.):

Don’t freak out. No one died, especially not me.

Remember that time I said I shouldn’t make impulse decisions? Well, the creation of the 21st Century Mrs was kind of impulsive.

When I launched this site, I thought I would write a blog about how strange it is to be a young married person. If you go back far enough in my archives, you can see how that’s where I started out.

But we have come a long way since then. You know what I’m (apparently) really into? I drawing vampire squid and homeless bears.

So I’m moving. To a place where homeless bears can run free.

I’m told that the move will be quick and painless, and you’ll even still be able to find me via a redirect from

Don’t get me wrong. I still love the21stcenturymrs, but I feel like the title betrays my content.

Also I didn’t realize that when I became “the mrs”, I was being maybe more private than I want to be. You can know my name: I’m Kendall, and I think you’re awesome.

I wanted to be a little anonymous because my first and last name are a unique, and if I put them both on this site, I might never get another job. But let’s be first name besties, OK?

I’m a little nervous about what will happen to Feedburner and my Facebook page, but I promise you I think it’s worth the trouble.

As soon as my host can migrate my content (all the posts and comments, I’ve been told are coming with), you can find me at:

I will also be changing my Twitter handle. Shortly after the site name changes, my Twitter user name will become NotThatKendall.

Is this too much change? Please don’t hate me. We’re going to have a really good time over at This is Not That Blog.

Thanks for baring with me as these changes take effect.

Say a prayer for my content, your comments, the drawings, the rss feed and my sanity.

Now, if you will, a moment of silence for the21stcenturymrs. May she rest in peace.

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22 Responses to RIP 21st Century Mrs (UPDATED with information for feedburner subscribers)

  1. See you on the other side sister!! I hope you move fast ; )

    Will there still be murder parties?

  2. Uhh… my stomach just churned for your migration journey. I don’t have the balls. LOL
    Good luck – and may 21thcent RIP. x
    See you on the flip side.

  3. Change is good, so I’m with you, Kendall! This has been awesome here and everyone has to evolve whether it’s blogging or creating or just plain being human. (Was that a religious joke? No…just a bad pun.)

    Moving on…

    I’m excited. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    And don’t worry….*whispers* IF YOU DRAW IT, THEY WILL COME

  4. caryn says:

    This is because I just added you to my list of favorites on my blog page, isn’t it? But that’s okay. The new name is great! Good luck with the move. Packing is always the worst part.

    • kendall says:

      The move is already over! I just have some loose ends to tie up, but hopefully, nothing else that happens will impact you. You’re amazing for linking to my site (Me? For real!?!) and I have tried to repay you by not messing with things too much. Any links to my site will remain active, they will just redirect to new pages on Thank you so much!

  5. RIP The. I will always remember the time you posted leprechaun bingo and the super secret dance party in your mind. And who could forget that time when I yelled at tastefully offensive for not linking back to your blog? Then there was that time we formed a gang. Sniff Sniff. Goodbye, The.
    BUT HELLO THISISNOTTHATBLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lori says:

    Down the rabbit hole we go together!


    Hey wait, was that Johnny Depp????

  7. Misfit Mommy says:

    Hi Kendall! I’ve been a ‘lurker’ for a while (and not in a creepy way,) but I will be sure to subscribe like a proper person in this, your time of need. May the force be with you.

  8. HeathRobots says:

    Kendall, I love you! And nice to meet you. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Mrs. But you are awesome no matter what we call you. Also, it is very important that those homeless bears be free range. You are doing the right thing.

  9. Suniverse says:

    I feel like my universe has tilted on its axis.

    But yay for you!

  10. jillsmo says:

    Which blog IS it, then?

  11. Okay, you may have just “come out” but I am still wacky so tell me; I don’t subscribe to your feed, I just go to my favorites and pull up your website everyday. Is the website url changing? If so, just let me know to what and befriend me on twitter if you haven’t already. thewackyex, I think…. Good luck, I’m confused already!

    • kendall says:

      First of all: favorites? You know how to make a girl feel special 🙂 And second: Nothing will change. If you want to change the address in your favorites, you can, but you can still get to me via (it will simply redirect you here.) So if you hate change, do nothing and it will still work out. Make sense?

  12. Heather H says:

    I totally understand the name thing. My first and last name are also unique…I’m the only one I can find on the web with my name (but there may be one other if the other one ever drops the hyphenated last name). Love the new blog name!

  13. Alexandra says:

    What and who and huh and whuck?

    I’m busy doing a show and you change personalities on me?

    You’re more Sybill than I thought, woman.

    No matter, I love you, warts and all.

    Will follow you anywhere, everywhere.

    Good to see you!

  14. Kelley says:

    So glad I am caught up on all of these changes now! I will re-subscribe. You know I’d do anything for you, KENDALL!

  15. MamaRobinJ says:

    Okay, so I’ve missed a lot. (Hi Kendall 🙂 ) But I never took you off my feed reader because I think you rock, mrs or no mrs. Congratulations on your evolution. I will now catch up.

  16. Ebony Gould says:

    Hi Kendall! Kendall, I love you! No matter, I love you, warts and all.

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